Gift or present…what’s the difference?

by tabernash

Birthday/Thanksgiving/Channukah/Christmas/Anniversary/New Years…these are a few of my favorite things  that make the last 5 weeks of my year…FULL. It’s a lot of celebrating. I start early with “what the hell should I get?….” anxiety. The perfect gift/present weighs heavily on me. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just heart felt. (extra hard) Those special things that my kids made me when they were in Kindergarten are still in my bedside drawer and make me smile when I come across them. A holiday, birthday and definitely an anniversary are markings of time and should be recognized. So I start early in June.

As much as I try to stay positive my family has mentioned that I get a little cranky during the month of December. It’s the “silly season”…running, preparing, spending, gaining weight! Don’t get me wrong, I love to celebrate but I think celebrations should be spread out over the year. Maybe a Channukah party in May would be perfect or a class celebration in January more relaxing? Then there are teachers, tutors, friends, the mailman, garbage man  and cleaning women to recognize (love my cleaning women!) to name a few. I don’t want to miss anyone! Along with kids, husband, family gifts,wrapped and shipping to deal with along with the food schleping, preparing, eating, leftover thing! ahhhh. It’s enough to make anyone a little overwhelmed.

So, as I get older AND wiser I try to approach these 5 weeks differently than I did when I was newly married. Below are a couple of helpful hints to get through the holiday madness. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD!

1. Your time is important…Internet shopping is brilliant. My motto is…”if they don’t wrap it, include a card, and deliver it…I”m not buying it!” Do you want to stand in line at the post office, card shop and have to purchase wrapping paper? Jewelry by Tabernash does it all and will write a holiday message for you!

2. Charity. Your Uncle Buck is 92 years old? You have coworkers or teachers that definitely don’t need another smelly candle? Buy a water buffalo (or part of one)  in their name and send them a card from . At heifer you can purchase chickens, alpacas, cows, goats, or a water buffalo for anyone on your list. If you don’t need earrings…(that’s a tough one) help out this incredible organization.

3. Make something. Presents don’t always need to cost a lot of money! (though earrings are not very expensive) Pie?, Cookies?, Jams?, Spice rub is a favorite around here.  Cook something special for your  neighbor, friend, postman, garbage man? Food is where the heart is..well it is for me at least.

4. Community Service is a great present. How about donating your time with a family member for a community project? Toys for Tots? Local food drive? Serving the homeless on Christmas eve? Bring a family member with you and show them what the true meaning of Christmas is all about this year.

5. Wine. Bring a bottle of wine. Buy an inexpensive but excellent bottle of Courtney Benham and you are done! Get an extra bottle for the cookie making session, it helps!

6. Your mother in law is tricky to buy for every year? Try these beautiful personalized linens from Betsy Grace. She makes these adorable linens that help remind us to be polite! (especially around the holidays)

7. Creative. Check out my really creative sister’s 2nd book on Glass Bead making. You can pre order it from Amazon and leave a glass bead under the tree with the promise of this book arriving in a couple of weeks! By pre-ordering from Amazon you save 34%! Jeri also teaches beginners the art of Glass Bead in her class. Come join us in Vegas (yes the bead making capital of the world) this March for a class! You can contact Jeri Warhaftig and ask her about her upcoming classes.

8. Magazine subscriptions. (Take the time to find out your friend or families interests and order something that they will get for 12 months!)

9. The Whirly Popper rocks!…I love this gift! Who doesn’t love popcorn…

10. Send cash. Isn’t it cool when you get a gift/present that is cash for you to do just what you want? (yes, it’s heart felt when you send a great card with love.)

So there are my 10 things to make your gift giving/present giving easier this year. So you ask…what’s the difference between Gift giving and Present Giving? (this is a good Holiday trivia question to ask Aunt Sally). To give a “present” you have to be there (present). To give a Gift…you do not!

Happy Holidays~ Sue – Jewelry by Tabernash