Diminutive – dih-min-yuh-tiv

by tabernash

I know it has been a long time since I’ve “blogged”. I’ve missed you.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had something to say.  But a great idea has recently come to me (in the middle of the night) regarding my earring business, Jewelry By Tabernash.  Each month, I’m going to try to  have a small collection that means something to me and perhaps means something to you! I have  so many designs running through my head  (this could be the reason why I  make “one of a kind designs”) that a monthly theme will narrow it down. So here goes…

March is my”Diminutive Collection“. I had a customer recently who was vertically challenged.  She said, “I love to wear small earrings, I want to wear the earring, not have the earring wear me”.  I thought my head was going to explode when I heard this. It made so much sense to me. Not only do women NOT want to wear the same earring that everyone else is wearing from Nordstroms but they want an earring that compliments their outfit not overbears it. Supermarket, Yoga, working around the house or carpooling I want an understated earring (about an inch long) that is pretty. There are times I want to be glamorous, turning heads and grabbing the attention of my date. But, in general my lifestyle is such that I just want to feel put together by wearing a simply beautiful accessory.  With a small earring I often enjoy the intimacy of someone leaning in to admire it too. It’s a nice shared moment.

When I made this line I realized that there are many  situations that desire a “diminutive” earring. A new earring wearer, a hair style swept up or pulled back from the ears, a fresh youthful look, a classic beauty with a short hair style all can enjoy a small beautiful earring.

Miniature pearls, mini vintage crystals, and teensy recycled glass, are some of the materials I use for my unique designs.

Jewelry that makes you feel beautiful – Jewelry by Tabernash

Stop by next month to see my “Recycled Love” line!

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