It all started in Nova Scotia…

by tabernash

It Started in Nova Scotia

Late night shopping can be exciting and adventurous. When my significant other and the two dachshunds start snoring, I reach for my laptop and cruise Ebay and Etsy.  I’m looking for exotic beads from around the world for Jewelry by Tabernash, my online store.

Recently I stumbled upon a dealer in Nova Scotia who is selling colorful beach glass and eroded pottery shards. “I WANT THOSE!” I shouted to dreaming bed partners. The tumbling of these pieces in the ocean erodes their edges smooth and polishes their ceramic tops.  The exposed earthenware frames the faded ceramic piece like a picture. Glass becomes a smoky color from the salt and sand. One web site said, “This process takes a minimum of twenty years or so.  It is not “cooked” if the piece is still glossy or the edges are rough.”

Upon further investigation I found people selling recycled glass and ceramic pieces in the UK, Greece, Israel and even Northern California.  My brain was on fire!

After posting to Facebook “Where is your favorite place locally to get beach glass”? I got numerous insights on where to go.  It seems that Tiburon, San Francisco, Ft. Bragg and even Mill Valley have these miniature pieces of history  waiting for me at low tide to come and collect them. (My friends almost all suggested the locations should not be shared publicly.)

With further digging, (no pun intended) I found that there are glass societies, glass museums and websites of  vendors selling beach waste.  The glass is graded into size, color and clarity classes.

The interesting thing that the places you find these materials all have in common is garbage. It seems that we used to dump our waste into the sea, and these materials are a by-product of this horrendous  practice.  I’m afraid this still goes on in some parts of the world.

These earrings are the ultimate in Recycling, Vintage collecting and storytelling rolled into one piece. Could this China be the discarded tea cup of Royalty? Are these bottles that floated over the high seas from far-away islands?  I like to think so.

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