Too Cool for the Prom

by tabernash

Too Cool for the Prom

Yes, it’s true, “I was too cool for the prom”.  Oh, I know what you are thinking…poor Sue, it’s probably an excuse for “she didn’t have a date”.  No, not true. College men weren’t often seen at High School Proms in 1977.

My deal was, I didn’t “get” the whole prom thing. The dresses were unflattering, polka dotted, plaid or frilly gowns that were on par with ugly bridesmaid dresses! (don’t  get me started on bridesmaid dresses)Earrings were usually reminiscent of a Vegas show. I just didn’t do UGLY.

I never enjoyed the sloppy drinking crowd and couldn’t relate to girls that were having their hair and nails fussed over for this one evening of distorted Barbie  fun! What’s the point getting dressed up and teetering on your platforms for some guy, just to endure memory lane photos that will sit on his parents mantel until their death?!  I thought, “who cares”? Dancing all night? Out with friends, laughing and partying? You have to go to the prom for that?! It was 1977 and I was above this behavior. I guess I was a Prom Snob. (Though if they had duct tape dresses in my day I would have seriously considered this option)!

Then, I had kids… My two gentlemen are going to the prom next week. Their dates are super nice, pretty, fun and smart!  I’m so excited to see their dresses, hair, shoes, EARRINGS etc.  I love the fact that the girls (and my boys) are buying stylishly cool eveningwear for a memorable night out! Of course, they will smile for me while I click away (sorry no blog pictures) for my memory books.

I guess what was once uncool for me, may be ultra cool for my kids and I appreciate the opportunity to share it with them. At least from 5-6pm!

Still need Prom earrings? Don’t panic…

Did you go to the prom?  Please tell me about it!