January Jewelry

by tabernash

In some parts of the country January is long, cold and dark. It’s crucial to treat yourself well. Good food, friends and exercise are always high on my list. I also often find myself late at night browsing on Craigslist and Pinterest, searching for “the deal of the century” and “creative outlets.” Jewelry By Tabernash is bringing both to the forefront! I have branched out beyond jewelry, listing my private button collection this past December. Jewelers and artistic magicians can create fantastic items with the right color, shape and material. I love Bakelite, Czech glass and vintage buttons. Buttons are like vintage beads and I find myself drawn to these tiny treasures that I can hold in my palm and admire. Red Buttons to liven up that drab sweater you got for xmas?! Image So be extra nice to yourself this winter. It’s okay to buy yourself a gift that will make you smile until the sun shines again! How do you do to deal with the long cold month of January? I’d love to hear your ideas. Bundle Up! Sue Jewelry By TabernashImage