Mom, Ma, Mommy, Mother

by tabernash

When I make jewelry it gives me time to think:

This morning I put my son on a plane to finish his Freshman semester. Having him here was 3 weeks of shopping, cooking, cleaning, and debating. I feel that we are very much alike. Sometimes he doesn’t like that. Sometimes I don’t like that. But it’s true. We are cut from the same cloth.

For some people it’s not until our children leave that we have the opportunity to assess who and what they have become. They are a reflection of ourselves and I need to clean the mirror and look deeper into it.

Being eighteen must be difficult. You are suppose to be working towards a “career goal” and figuring out what you want to be in life. The balancing of schoolwork, fun, and friends is a lot to figure out!

Then, there is the return to “that woman” who asks you to empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, pick up your laundry. How can you like the person who always has advice to give, questions your efforts, and holds you accountable for tuition being spent? There are lots of reasons to love college.

I want to be liked and loved. I hope my son will come back to me after 4 years and understand my decisions. Whatever the outcome is, I already miss you.


Miss you by Jewelry By Tabernash

Do you have challenges with your teenagers? How do you handle it?

Time to make earrings…and think some more.