Recycle, Vintage, Global, Magical

by tabernash


These earrings  are made from Spanish Beach rocks from OceanGifts.


Some nights, when I’m not ready to go to sleep, my guilty pleasure is browsing Etsy. Etsy is a website for artisans to buy supplies and sell finished products that they have created. I like to get ideas from other artists around the world and see what others are creating. I discovered people from all over the globe that collect sea glass and pebbles! I now have a collection for my jewelry from Israel, Nova Scotia, and Valencia Spain (pictured left) and from my own back yard: the San Francisco Bay


I have tried to replicate the hunt on foreign shores in my own back yard: by the water’s edge of the San Francisco Bay. I have found very little that I want to make into jewelry so instead I hunt late at night from the magical finds of others. 

Sharon Sand has the most fantastic sea glass in all shapes, colors and sizes for sale. Her website is beautiful and NOT to be missed!

I love the fact that I am recycling (glass, pottery, stones!) They are vintage (what’s older than a rock?!), from around the world that’s magical. 


I originally created Jewelry by Tabernash for women to have an option different that the mass produced earrings that were being offered at department. I love that my items are “one of a kind” creations, small pieces of artwork that will make you feel unique, beautiful and can be worn day or night…supermarket or out to dinner!

What do you make? I want to know…