How one Etsy user saved a home…

This is a story about how our home (vacation home) was saved this week. My neighbor (and now forever friend) Susie of came to the rescue. She was walking down our alley in very frigid weather and noticed something that was not right. Icicles were dripping from the ceiling fan on my back porch and she was alerted. Looking into the window, she saw a pond…pipes had burst on the second floor days prior and the house was filling up.

We had both thought about exchanging phone numbers several times. It would be a good idea considering I live 4.5 hours away. But, life got in the way…and we forgot.

Public Service: Go exchange your number with your neighbor now!

Susie brilliantly remembered that I was an Etsy seller. ( She contacted me and for some reason (as I hadn’t looked on Etsy in WEEKS) Her message was read 4 minutes after she had tried!

We are shocked and a little sad that the hard work of our family built home will be redone with new. (it had passed inspection only 6 months ago after building it over 2.5 years)

But, my gratitude to Susie and those that have helped will last a life time.

Happy Holidays! Sue from Jewelry By Tabernash

Saved by the Flood earrings

Saved by the Flood earrings