Memories of Tabernash

Tabernash is many things: a valley, tavern, a community, and now, my jewelry business. Tabernash, Colorado is a small, magical town deep in the mountains between Winter Park Ski Resort and the Grand County Airport. I lived there for six years back in the late 80’s. With only 165 registered voters in 2000, it’s a county the size of Rhode Island, at a nose-bleeding altitude of 10,000+ ft.  At that altitude your heart will beat hard, your skin will glow and the winter weather is always crisp, often below zero and almost always sunny!

Now that I live by the Pacific Ocean, by the San Francisco Bay, I hold Tabernash only as a fond memory of my past.  It’s been almost twenty years since I’ve left, so the memories of Tabernash can be considered “vintage images”.  So, in respect to my once-favorite town, Jewelry by Tabernash was born.